Stephen F. Austin to Maria Austin, 07-13-1821

Summary: Condolence. To continue plans for Texas settlement.

Nachitoches July 13 1821

My dear Mother and Sister

I have just heard the meloncholy news of the death of my Father— his exertions on the trip to St Antonio and after his return were too much—he suffered more than you, or any one else can immagine who has not been in this wild Country—We must resign ourselves to the dispensations of Providence, death must finally terminate the career of us all. This news has effected me very much, he was one of the most feeling and affectionate Fathers that ever lived his faults I now say, and always have, were not of the heart— It is some consolation to me that he was with his family, or at least with a part of them— I had progressed on my journey beyond the Sabine when I heard the news— My Friend Hawkens wrote me from Orleans, and the letter was sent on by express— I returned this morning to arrange some business with the Spanish Agent here, and shall leave here again this evening. My party will wait for me at Nacogdoches— it is the opinion of the Spanish Officers here that this most unhappy event will not retard the progress of the settlement. I shall go out and take possession of the land and arrange for the families to move in the fall—so that I still hope great good will result from my Father's astonishing perseverence and fatigue last winter

I pray you to be carefull of your tender health. I hope to embrace my Dear Mother and Sister once more next fall, immediately after my return I shall go to Herculaneum and probably from there to Kentucky

farewell my Dr Mother May heaven preserve you once more to meet your affectionate Son

S. F. Austin

I wish you to write me fully all the particulars directed to this place care of Dr J. Sibley and pay the postage, so as not to make it necessary for him to do it—the letter will be here by the time I return—¦ Kiss Sisters little Boys for me and love to Aunt Austin and family I should like to receive a letter from Emily or Bryan before I go back