Stephen F. Austin to William Kincheloe, 10-16-1821

Summary: Permit to settle and build a mill. Conditions of grant and method of surveying it.

Permission is hereby granted to William Kincheloe to settle in the Colony now forming by me on the Brassos and Colorado Rivers in the Province of Texas, and the said Kincheloe is authorized to select a mill seat anywhere within the bounds of the Colony, and also to choose tracts of land for [ ] Families now on their way to said Colony, he is to mark the tracts chosen by him both for himself and the other families, and to report to me or my agent the situation thereof— And in consideration of the Said Kincheloe agreeing to build a mill on the mill seat which he may choose within one year, he is to have Six hundred and forty acres of land in addition to the quantity which he may be entitled to in common with the other Settlers, and one lot in the Town. The town lot is given gratis, and there is to be no charge on Said additional Section of land except the Surveying fees—

Said Kincheloe and the families who are now coming on with his are to receive land as follows—The head of each family is to get Six hundred and forty acres and in addition to that three hundred and twenty acres for their wives, one hundred and Sixty acres for each child, and Eighty acres for each Slave to be taken in two seperate tracts, one on the river with a front four times less than its depth, and the other so as not to interfere with the river lands. The said tracts or one of them, must be actually inhabited and cultivated by the persons to whom the permit to settle is given before the 1 of January 1823— Twelve Dollars and fifty cents pr. hundred acres must be paid me one half on recipt of title and the other half in one year thereafter, which will be in full for Surveying and all other charges

Nackitosh Oct. 16. 1821.

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]