Stephen F. Austin to Thomas Novell, 11-20-1821

Summary: Appointing Josiah H. Bell to supervise settlement of the first colonists. Appointing him sindix.

[About November 20, 1821.]

He will also observe that the River tracts of all those who go on at this time must be taken adjoining to each other if the land will admit of it in no other manner and for the better regulation of the set- tlement in this particular he is authorized to go on with the first settlers and after they have chosen the place between the Two roads above named for their establishment, he will attend to distributing the lands amongst them so that each tract is to join, allowing half a mile front on the River for a tract of 640 acres and so on, calculating each tract to be four times as deep as it is wide and should two or more chose the same tract it is to be decided by lot.

And for the preservation of peace and good order amongst the settlers I do hereby appoint the said J. H. Bell a sindix or Justice of the peace requiring all persons within said settlement to acknowledge him as such.

[Stephen F. Austin.]