Stephen F. Austin to Emigrants, 11-22-1821

Summary: Agreement between Austin and 14 emigrants. Sound coast and rivers of Texas, build cabins and a stockade, and cultivate and harvest corn in return for expenses and land.

Agreement with Emigrants

Know all men, by these presents, that whereas Stephen F. Austin is about forming a Colony under the authority of the Government of New Spain in the Province of Texas; and that the Conditions and compensations to be allowed to each person emigrating with Said Austin, and who becoms a party to this agreement by signing his name thereto, may be fully understood, the following conditions and Stipulations are agreed upon—

In the first place it is agreed that each person who makes himself a party to this agreement Shall place himself under the direction of Said Austin, and as Soon as a vessel is provided, Shall go on board the Same, and aid in taking the soundings of the coast, and mouths of the Rivers from Galveston to the Mouth of the Gaudaloupe River, Should it be deemed necessary to explore that far, and while on board Said vessel to attend to the orders of the Captain, and Conduct themselves in an orderly manner, after the Coast is Sounded, the said Emigrants will land under the directions of said Austin and remain in his employ untill the first day of December 1822 during which time they are to assist in building Cabbins and a Stockade, should one be deemed necessary, and to clear fence, and cultivate at least five acres of corn Each of Prairie or untimbered land, and to gather the crop into Corn Houses—Each Emigrant will furnish his own arms, and agrees to conduct himself as becomes a good citizen, and to be faithfull to the Government of the Country so long as he lives under it—

Now in consideration of the above services, to be rendered in good faith by each person becoming a party to this agreement, it is agreed by the said Austin, on his part that he will furnish a vessel for the transportation of said Emigrants to Said Settlement, that he will furnish Farming Tools, Oxen, or Mules, and Provisions and Seeds for said establishment at his own Expenee, from the day the Emigrants leave New Orleans in said Vessel.

The said Austin also agrees and obligates himself to deliver Each of Said Emigrants who fulfill this agreement, and duly cultivate five or more acres of corn as before stated, the one half of all the corn or other produce raised by them as aforesaid, and to Secure to each of them a tract of land of Six hundred and forty acres to be laid off in the Same manner that the lands for the other Emigrants is, Which land shall be free of expences, also a Town lot shall be given to each.

In testimony of their agreeing to the above stipulation, the undersigned have set their hands and Seals to this instrument this 22d day of November 1821 Eighteen hundred and twenty one. The word "or more" in the 10th line of this page inserted, and the erasure after the word "expences" in the last line made before signing—

Stephen F Austin [Seal]

Patrick Toole [Seal]

John Muligen [Seal]

Peter Wing [Seal]

John Hirst [Seal]

Thomas B Harrison [Seal]

Edw G Williams

Bernard Phillips

Isaiah M. Alexander

James Baird

Wm. S. Lewis [Rubric]

Hudson Hughes

William Prestage

Wm W Little [Rubric]

James Nelson