Stephen F. Austin to James Bryan, 11-23-1821

Summary: Prospects and plans in Texas. Instructions and advice.

New Orleans Novr 23,1821

Dr Brother,

Enclosed is the permit which I issue to settlers, you can use the same form,—

I wrote you that I did not wish you to risk anything in this enterprise, if you can conveniently Ship Some Corn, or Shorts, or Flour to Joseph H. Hawkins it will help, also if the Blacksmith or any other kind of tools were saved at the mines send them, also everything belonging to the estate at Little Rock with my books etc.—

If H Elliott will come on I think I can benefit him, but I shall not wate for him or any other of my friends in your country, neither shall I advise them to come—they must take their own course—if they come to me, I will do for them all I can, but if others who are on the ground apply for any appointment in my power to procure I shall get it for them if I can without delay—I sent Brother Brown a Spanish Grammar he must borrow a Dictionary at St. Louis and apply himself to study—he ought to go out with some good surveyor as chain carrier if no better can be done, so as to learn the art of surveying, he will find it of use in Texas and he must now learn to work,—he had better employ himself in this manner untill I get things under way—

If any of you write to me direct to the care of Ambroise Sampyrac Nachitoches and pay the postage, or I shall not get the letters.

I leave here the day after tomorrow, and the vessel sails the same clay—it will probably be one year before I return to the U States, in the mean time take care of our Dear Mother, and make no calculations on me, or Texas until I get better under way in that country— Send on as many settlers of good character as you can—I have no doubt of success and think that all who join me will do well, but I advice no one to come, no man shall reproach me for leading him into difficulty should things result badly—

Give my love to Mother and Sister and Brother- I wrote them a few days since and sent Mother some opium by Honey in the Dolphin also to Uncle Austin and family

Honey wishes mother to live with him. on this subject she must do as circumstances require, he will furnish everything—

S F. Austin

[Addressed:] Mr. James Bryan Herculaneum Missouri