Stephen F. Austin to Unknown, 11-23-1821

Summary: Permit to emigrate and settle in Austin's Colony [November 23, 1821]. Terms and procedure of settlement. Character of colonists.

BY STEPHEN F. AUSTIN, Civil Commandant of the Colony forming on the Colorado and Brassos Rivers, in the Province of Texas:—

permission is hereby granted to__________________________________ to emigrate and settle in the Colony forming by me, under the authority and protection of the government of New Spain, at the points above stated.

Said________________________________________________________ required to comply with the general regulations annexed:

General Regulations relative to the Colony

1. No person will be admitted as a settler, who does not produce satisfactory evidence of having supported the character of a moral, sober, and industrious citizen.

2. Each settler must, when called on by the Governor of said Province, take the oath of allegiance to the government exercising the sovereignty of the country.

3. Six hundred and forty acres of land will be granted to the head of each family, and in addition to that, three hundred and twenty acres to a man's wife, one hundred and sixty acres for each child, and eighty acres for each slave; which land will be laid off in two equal tracts, one on the river in an oblong, the other is to be located so as not to interfere with the river lands; one of said tracts must be actually inhabited and cultivated by the person and family who has permission to settle it, within one year from the first of January 1822.— Twelve cents and a half per acre, must be paid me for said land, one half on receipt of title, the other half in one year after, which will be in full for surveying fees and all other charges—each settler will chuse his own tracts of land within the limits designated by said Austin.

4. Mechanics and men of capital, will receive additional privileges in proportion to their capacity to be useful.

5. Each settler is required to report himself to me, or the officer who has charge of the Colony, immediately on his arrival, and to furnish a list of the number of his family, giving the name of his children and their age, the number of negroes, designating those under twelve years of age, those over twelve and under twenty-one, those over twenty-one, and if any of the family are mechanics to state what kind.

[November 23, 1821.]