Stephen F. Austin to Phillip Reddinger, 11-25-1821

Summary: AuReceipt for a note.

Recd New Orleans Nov. 25, 1821.

of Phillip Redinger a note on John Tumblinson payable to John Steel or order for One hundred and Sixty Dollrs ($160) which I am to collect on the best terms I can—Said Redinger is willing to allow a discount of Sixty Dollars for prompt payment

S. F. Austin

The above note was given up to Redinger before the order on the back of this receipt was presented or known of as this receipt was supposed to have been lost.

A. [Rubric]

[Endorsed:] Recd. on the within rect

1 Ax_____ 1 pr Blankets 3 Pt 2 Carrots Tobacco 1 Small oven

May 9th 1822

Mr S F Austin Sir

please to Lift your recept and Let Martin Varner have Mr Turnlinsons note and you'l oblige yours etc.

Phillip Reddinger.