Stephen F. Austin to Edward and John Lovelace, 11-25-1821

Summary: Austin to secure a grant for them adjoining Galveston Bay.

Agreement Between Austin and Edward and John Lovelace This agreement between Stephen F Austin of the one part, and Edward Lovelace and John Lovelace acting for themselves and as agents for Richard and George Lovelace of the other part witnesseth, that the said Austin agrees to apply to the Government of Mexico through the authorities at St Antonio or at the Seat of Government of the internal Provinces for a concession or concessions to embrace as much land as can be obtained round the Bay of Galveston, or between the Brazos and Sabine rivers—Said land is to be in the name of Stephen F. Austin and company, or in the names of Edward Lovelace, George Lovelace John Lovelace, Richard Lovelace and Francis Walls, or either of them as may be deemed best and all the land obtained in either of said names by said Austin within the limits before mentioned Shall be for the joint and mutual benefit of Said Austin and Said Edward, George, John, Richard, and Francis, each of whom Shall own one undivided Sixth part of said Land The said Edward has advanced to said Austin four hundred Dollars to pay his expences in attending to the above objects.—

In testimony of which the Said Austin and Edward and John have here to Set their hands this 25 day of Nov 1821

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

Edward Lovelace

John Lovelace