Samuel Parker to Stephen F. Austin, 12-07-1821

Summary: Virginia. Interest and questionnaire.

Bowling Green, Caroline County, Virginia.

December 7th 1821


I Have seen a publication in a news paper, purporting to be an extract of a letter, written by you at La Bahia, Province of Texas, on the 1st day of September 1821 and addressed to a gentleman at New Orleans, wherein is set forth the advantages of a contemplated settlement which you had in view in the above named province.

The extract above alluded to, states the following as the outline which you propose to pursue in regard to the grants of lands: viz. To give to each individual settler one tract of land binding on the river or some water course, half a mile in front, by two miles in depth for farming—and one other tract of one a half mile square to be located back from the river for vachery; and that to those settlers who have families, you propose the following addition to their grants:—to each married woman 160 acres, to each child 80 acres, and for each slave 40 acres; to be laid off adjoining the farming tract; and double those quantities adjoining the vachery tract.

The object of this letter, is, to make some further enquiries about the settlement as it is probable, that I and some others in this State may avail ourselves of the advantages which it holds forth.—

You mention in the extract referred to above, that it is important that the settlers should arrive by the month of February next at farthest.—1. Will none be admitted after that time?— 2 If any be admitted after that time, what time do you set as a limit to their availing of themselves of the advantages of the settlement ? 3. Has the country fully secured its independence on Spain? 4. If it has not, is there any certainty of its securing it? 5. How far is the heart of it from New Orleans?—6. How far is it from the sea coast?—7. Or does it border thereon?—8. Does it join the territory of the United States?—9. If not how far are they asunder?—10 Are there any settlers already in it?—11. If there are of what nation are they?—12. Is it a healthy country?—13. How far is the town site from New Orleans?

The answer to these queries, (together with any other necessary information respecting the settlement, which you may think proper to give) you will please transmit as early as possible by a letter addressed to me, at New Town, King and Queen County, Virginia. I shall most anxiously wait for an answer from you. —

Samuel Parker

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F. Austin New Orleans Louisiana