James C. Shields to Stephen F. Austin, 12-09-1821

Summary: Wants to know terms of settlement.

Lexington December 9th 1821

S F Austin

Dear Sir

I have an oppertunity of writing you a few lines by an acquaintance of mine Mr Atter who will hand you this i have wrote you more fully on the subject by mail if Mr Atter should find you in Orleans dont fail to write by him my object in writing to you is for you to write me and say what offer you will make me to come on and settle in your country write me which will be the shortest and the cheapest way of going and what it would cost me write me whether any of my acquaintances has gone to that country please to give me some idea of the country respecting the health of the place and the lattitude that it is in a word I would like to be there I think I could make a fortune there no more at presen a dieu till I see you

James C. Shields.

write me imediately on the recept of this by Mr Ayter if you are in Orleans

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F Austin New Orleans