James Bryan to Stephen F. Austin, 12-15-1821

Summary: Much interest aroused in Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri. Commerce.

Hazel Run [Missouri] Decr 15th 1821

Dear Brother

I send this letter by Brother J. E. B. [Austin] and hope he will have a safe and expeditious journey he will have very good Company Mr Henry [Elliott] and four very fine young men, two I have given certificates, both mechanics and Bartholomew is an exception, we recd your letters from Orleans with pleasure to find you in good health and spirits and Prospects favourable I can assure you that a great number will move from this State as also from other States and the Arkansas Territory—I recd at Hercm [Herculaneum] a number of letters addressed to you and have answered the most of them, from Kentucky Ohio Illenois and Missouri, I will be particular as to granting Certificates, and brother Brown will give you the News of this State our Legislature is now in session tho have done very little business, I shall be engaged making ready to move as soon as Possible should everything appear flattering and your letters give me encouragement on the return of Mr Henry Elliott which he says will be by the first of May, I will expect you and Brown to make my selections and will flatter myself with the expectation of a judicious and valuable selection and the more I get the more valuable, I am in hopes Brown will be able to get me some Stock by the Barter and Sale of some goods, and I trust Mr Henry Elliott will raise me some Cash to have improvements commenced for me I shall be glad to have a Crop raised the insueing season if Possible—I will try and send on some Whisky and Flour and Elliott will send on some Goods, I left the Mines a few days since and Majr Hawkins requested me to say to you that he would be with you this winter he expects to start in 15 days and requests that you will select a spot for him, their will be emigrants a plenty, and I truly hope and trust that nothing may happen to mar the Settlement do not neglect to write by every oppertunity and give me all the important News relative to the Country -Prospects etc—I will do all I can for its wellfare and with the hope that we all will be rewarded I am like many others who want Land near the Town and as much as I can get I am anxious to get a quantity of sheep while they can be had low and if Mr Elliott leaves money for me I wish a part appropriated in that way I expect in a few days to receive a letter from you wrote at Natchitoches—I shall be anxious to hear from you and also Mother and your Sister. Mother has been in very ill health for the last three Months if she lives [to] reach the Colorado I have no doubt she will enjoy much better health than she does here—I hope to God you may enjoy good health and succeed in the Grand object—if Bartholomew and Powell are not employed all the time in surveying you can get them to help in making improvements and you will find them good hands—may God protect us all and that we may yet live in his mercies—Adieu

Your Brother

J. Bryan

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr Colorado Texas Attention J. E. B. Austin