Maria Austin to Stephen F. Austin, 12-15-1821

Summary: Family news.

Hazel run Decembr the 15—1821—

This hasty wrote Scrall will be handed to my dear Stephen by his Brother J Brown, his Sudden departure from this Country has kept me Imployd till the last moment in ordor to fit him of in tolorable decensey—-I must refer my dear Son, for the particulars of many things, which I fully intended to Communicate in my letter; but the late hour of the night, together with my feeble State of health must diprive me of the pleasure of writing you as fully as I intended your wellcome letter of the 15 Ultimo I received by Mr Honey with more Sattisfaction than I am able to Express—I am truly rejoiced to find your prospects in Texes are So much more flattering than I had any Idea of and that you will have it in your power to fulfill the last request of your dear deceased, father their is no doubt but your little Collony will Soon be filled up with respectable worthy Characters, this part of the Country is all alive and nothing Spoken of but the province of Texas Since your publications in the papers has appeard and I have no doubt but one third of the population of Missouri will move in the coars of another year, particularly if H Elliot brings a favourable report when he returns—I know of Some Characters who talk of joineing your Establishment on the Collorada who was very Unfriendly to your Father in his greatest distress and as the old saying is, was allways ready to give a kick, when theay found he was going down hill and Such is the ingratitude of Some part of the human famaly—those very men had received aid and assistance from him when in affluence —those things my dear Son may be forgiven, in point of duty as a Christian, but can never be forgot—you will find your Brother much Improved although he lost much valluable time in K T he has in a measure got the better of that warmth of temper he f ormily had, and although he has a high Spirit and very hasty temper, he has prudence to govern it with reason and propriety, I am much deceived if you do not find, he is possesed of a Strong and active mind, capable and willing to encounter Difficulty and danger—I hope he will be of Service to you my much beloved Son, in the ardurous Enterprise you have undertaken, I am Sorry time and circumstances would not admit of our geting a Suit of new Cloaths for B we had but one weeck to get him ready after he had concluded to go with H E Mr B[ryan] has exerted himself to the utmost to fit him and two young men, who has been in his imploy for the last year and I think theay are worthy of your notice, the times are Still very distressing and our friend J B[ryan] has not got through his difficultys, but he thinks it will be in his power to make you a visit this next Spring, when I hope he will make Choice of a Situation where your Sister will experience more happyniss than She has Injoyd for Some years past hur disposiftijon is by no means calculated to bear the disappointments this life is Subject to, She has three lovely boys and a prospect of Increas, hur little Guy is the Sweetest Child I ever Saw and is really a Soars of pleasure and amusement to me in my retirement, however I refer you to your Brotr respecting the famaly and hasten to conclude, after telling you this has been the most Sickly Season I have ever known I went to Herculam, in July to macke arrangements for geting B. home and with the assistance of E B[ates]—I effected it, he arrived on the 29 of September, I had injoyd, as good health as usual and the moast of my time was taken up in nursing the Sick—three days preavious to our leeving Herm, we was boath taken down with the fever, and your Brother will tell you how very ill your Mother has been all the [fall?] Indeed I had at one time given myself up and fully expected to be laid by the Side of your dr Father—our kind heavenly Father in his goodness has restored me once more and I begin to flatter myself I Shall yet In joy much Sattisf action in the Society of my dear Sons in the mean time I shall endeavour to macke myself as Contented as the nature of things will admit of if I was to tell you I was happy I should say what was not true; I never Shall complain and if you are but Succesfull I shall be thankful—it tis now past midnight and I fear you will hardly be able to read this scrall, good night my dear Son may heaven guard and protect you from every danger, I often feel uneasy in regard to the hostle Indians—I refer you to B[rown]—for every thing you wish to know, Emily joins me in affection. She has not time to write you, god bless you and take you boath under his holy protection is the constant prayer of your affectionate Mother

Maria Austin

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F. Austin Colorado Provence of Texas Mr J. E. B. Austin.