J. Sargeant to Stephen F. Austin, 12-29-1821

Summary: Inquiries concerning Texas for friends in Kentucky and Ohio.

Prairie de Rocher Dec 29th 1821


In corrisponding with my friends in Kentucky and Ohio, I learn that several of them are desirous of settling in the Spanish Territory:—Knowing that you were forming a settlement in that country; I saw no readier way of satisfying their enquires respecting it than by applying to you for information. In addressing you, Sir, on this subject I am less influenced by the very slight acquaintance which happened between us at Potosi than by the belief that it may be your interest and wish to communicate inteligence of this kind to those intending a removal to the Spanish province. For myself, having lately received a Medical Diploma from the Ohio College, I expect to get my bread by that profession which I expect can be done as easily in this country, hard as they [times] are, as in the new and thinly populated province of Texas. The enquiries of my friends are directed principally to the price and qua[l]ity of land, the price of produce and live stock, the price of mechanics wages and the climate with regard to health. I have a brother who is a Millwright who with five or six farmers will remove somewhere to that country in the fall if future accounts confirm their present expectations.

J. Sargeant

[Addressed:] Stephen Austin Esq Province of Texas Near the Mouth of the Colerado via New Orleans