James Gaines to Stephen F. Austin, 01-05-1822

Summary: Concerning the character of James Dill, of Nacogdoches.

Sabine [Texas] 5th Jany 1822

Stephen F Austin Esqr

Dr Sir I Receivd yours of the 17th of December from Nacogdoches, this day and for the sake of business shall admit Every part as fact, and by the by in a friendly way ask you a few questions first If you were here and was sensible that Dill had used his utmost Endeavor to Poison the minds of the Spaniards against the American Character would you Respect him, and when you se a man sliped into office who by Ignorance and Lack of Education is unable to fill it; Can you Respect him. I will go further and ask you has, Dill the power of negotiating Treaties with Indians or of Trying and Condemning a man to Death or of ordering a man shot without a Trial, on the mere Letter of John Latham, has He the Eight of attaching and selling property on a note from the United States Now those are a very small part of his acts, but as I do not wish to be Tedious I shall Confine myself to those and wait your answer and if you say you would Respect him under those Circumstances and that his Commission and Instructions from the Government Justify him in those acts I will then acknowledge and Respect him also.

Jas. Gaines [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr. In his Colony