Thomas H. Ficklin to Stephen F. Austin, 01-08-1822

Summary: Considers establishing a "clothers factory" in Texas—wool and cotton.

Caledonia [Missouri] 8th January 1822.

Dear Stephen. F.

I now imbrase an oppertunity of writing you by Mr Bruffy whom I expect will hand you this and can Inform you of the Times in this Country as well as what I could by letter my object In writing you at this time in this 1st I Expect that by writing to you you will Inform me of your health and situation in that much Admiared Country of yours 2nd I have seen some of your letters or extracts of them which have almost put me in a Fever to sell out and move without any further information about the country; an Idea struck me a few days since on viewing a statement of the situation and climate of the provence of Texas that a man could in a short time accumulate considerable welth by the establishment of a clothers factory in your country I have now allmost redy to go into operation near this place a fulling mill carding machine for wool and cotton as also Two Spining Mashines one for wool and one for cotton and owing to the Great quantity of Sheep and the cheapness of wool in your country if you have aney water Streems that would admit of; or be Sufficient to drive Machinery with out two much expence I am of the opinion such an establishment would not only Be of an advantaige to the Inhabitants but would be profitable to the owner; If I could be convinced of the above I would bring my Machinery with me to your country and Establish it there; I shall if I have as much good Luck as bad have my works in operation by Aprial next; and if you will by letter give me such encoraigement as I flatter myself you will I will sell all my property here and move immeditely with the Machinery if I should moove I will or can bring with me several young men Mechanicks etc. I wish you to give me a complete detail of all the advantaiges which a man in my situation ought to calculate on by mooving as well as of the disad- vantaiges which would restult to a new emigrant in your place; Inform me what would be the best route for a man to travel from this place to your country—

Maria wishes to be remembered to you

Th. H. Ficklin

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr Province Texas Favd by Revd R. C. Bruffy