Joseph H. Hawkins to Stephen F. Austin, 01-13-1822

Summary: Introducing Mr. Murray.

New Orleans Jany 13. 22

My Dear Sir,

This will be handed you by Mr Murray who was formerly engaged in business for my Brother He visits Texas perhaps to remain The report he makes of the Country will be well received by those who know him He has at one period of his life enjoyed what the world would call prosperity Any aid you can render him will in adversity be acceptable to him and oblige me.

Jos H Hawkins

Mr Murray has promised to bear you a letter This is only intended as a letter of introduction He is an intemperate man—and hence will not suit you—unless he changes his habits He is a good accountant—and if prudent can be useful his rigid integrity gives him strong claims to confidence—

[Addressed:] Judge Austin Province of Texas Mr Murray