James Bryan to Stephen F. Austin, 01-15-1822

Summary: Hard times in Missouri. Great emigration from all the States to Texas.

Hazel Run Janry 15th 1822

Dear Brother Stephen,

I write you by our friend Bruffy, and you will also see your old friend Majr Hawkins, I can assure you a great number will move from this state some [time] next spring and others next fall I have no doubt the Colony will be filled up immediately, I have answered all the letters on the subject of Texas, I flatter myself you have arrived safe at the Mouth of the Colorado ere this, and the Vessell has no doubt arrived some time since and I hope and trust nothing unfavourable will happen relative to the Government and if so the Colony will Prosper immediately and may God grant us a happy Change in the said Colony, I hope Brother and Mr Henry Elliott will arrive safe and the young men with them as they are worthy men, I may Possibly come on myself in the Spring tho not certain I will endeavor to send on some Provisions, and if all does well with you and Life is spared us we will move next autumn and I will expect you to make the selection of Land for me and if it is Possible to have a Building of some sort put up I should be glad as also to have an improvement made and stock procured, I will bring on as much as I Possibly can to enable me to settle. I am closing my business here and the Estate of Father will be insolvent for $15,000. I hope our situations will shortly be changed for the better, a number has failed here and all imbarrassed except the Perrys. a large Company talks of moveing from the Mines next fall to your Colony, indeed they will move from all the states, I have written by two gentlemen from St Charles County which I have no doubt you will find to be worthy men, and I trust their will be emigrants of that discription generally, I am Highly flattered in anticipation as to the Prospects of your colony settleing and becoming a Town of importance do not fail to write me by every oppertunity and inform me your Prospects and give me a detale of everything important I am daily hearing of peoples preparing to move etc—you will have a number of your old acquaintances as settlers I will do all I can for its welfare and will expect favourable News by every letter Mothers health is much better than it has been for the last six Months and If she lives to settle at the colony I have no doubt she will enjoy much better health than she would here Your Sister and little Nephews are very well and all anxious to see you and we flatter ourselves it will not be longer than next autumn before we have that pleasure Your Uncles Family are all well . • • ; he talks at times of Texas tho. says his Family is so large he does not know if he can get there Our prayer is that these may meet you in good health and Spirits and the colony in a Prosperous way etc

May God bless you and Brother and preserve you from danger

J Bryan

N. B. Mr Bruffy and Majr Hawkins will give you the geneial News.

P. S. I am in hopes you will secure the Title to all the Land we can get as soon as Possible as I think very important should a change of Government take place.

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F. Austin Colorado Provence of Texas Politeness Mr Bruffy