Josiah H. Bell to Stephen F. Austin, 01-17-1822

Summary: People crowding to your colony. Beware of Dill.

Province of Texas January 17 1822

Dear Sir

I have only time to drop you a line in haste as the bearer is in a hurry all things are Going on well and people Crowding on their way to the brassos and Collorado and are all coming for your Claim, you will find that they will all Crowd for your settlement notwithstanding what the few may say that are oposed to your Intrust we understand here that Long is well received by the Government he may have some influence hereafter and situated as things are at present you would Do well to pay attention to that Circumstance and as his Good will may be of service an early attention will in my opinion be no disadvantage my anxiety for your Intrust makes me take this liberty at present-

Stephen R Wilson is very friendly to your Intrust and tels me he intends letting you have his negro woman in advance in payment for lands I will wright you more fully the next opertunity I wish you to Drop me a line if you find it Convenient you may rest assured that old Dill dose and will do you all the Ingery you [he] Can

J. H. Bell

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Colorado Province