James E. Brown Austin to Stephen F. Austin, 01-29-1822

Summary: Arrival in Texas. Anxiety of Henry Elliott to get contract for surveying.

Buckners on the Colorado

29th January 1822

Dear Brother

I arrived here on the 28th 1st. in company with H Elliot and three young men who calculate to remain in the country if they meet with sufficient encouragement I left home on the 16th of December and came on the Nacogdosh where I was in hopes of meeting with you on your return from N. Orleans— my Journey— has been quite tedious and very unpleasant in some Respects which shall be explained in due time— When we arrived on this River— a few circumstances combined — induced Eliott to take a Canoe and proceed to the Mouth of the River in hopes of meeting with you— which he considers of vast importance to you as well as himself— the fact is he is fearful that Rob Andrews will— by meeting with you, blast the prospects he has of making a princely fortune— which he calculates on— he heard at Mount Prairie that Andrews had started with the expectation of Surveying the Land and he has pushed so hard— that absolutely one of his horses gave out—from that circumstance alone I shall remain here until I hear from you Mr Eliott will leave his Tent and boy at this place until he either meets with you— or gets information when he can— some disagreeable circumstances that have taken place on the way between Eliott and myself Render my situation somewhat unpleasant and I am anxious to see you as soon as convenient I arrived at Herculaneum from Kentucky in October and was taken with the Fever which continued untill within a day or two before I started— Mother was taken at the same time— but had recovered— partly tho she was in low health— Sister was well and all your friends generally—

Mr. Bartholomeu who will hand you this is a steady— moral and Industrious Young Man From Derby Connecticut he is an excellent Cooper by trade— he was to have been on with Father— and attended on him during his last Illness— I want to see you very much and have much to say to you— when we do meet

Jas. E. Austin [Rubric]

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr Mouth of the Colorado Mr Bartholomeu.