Andrew Mitchell and William H. McCurdy to Stephen F. Austin, 01-31-1822

Summary: "Considerable company of farmers" near Pensacola want to go to your grant. Terms of settlement?

Escambia 45 Miles from Pensacola—-January 31 1822.


We are part of a Considerable Company of Farmers who wish to remove to your Grant, being generally poor, and not at all acquainted with the geography of either this Country or that we must rely on you for all the necessary information as well as assistance to effect our Journey thither. If you will be so obliging as to write us word how this can be effected and how much of a settlement is already formed, whither provisions Can be had near your Grant, it will be too late to attempt to remove this season but if our information suits we intend to be ready early in the fall we would wish to be informed whither there are many Indians in that quarter and whither Friendly or hostile—

You will pleas to Give us as good a history of the Country as suits your leisure, and how you have Concluded to Charge for the land and the quantity we may expect Gratis

We are Sir Respectfully yours etc

Andw Mitchell

Wm H. McCurdy

Address Wm H. McCurdy Esqr or Andrew Mitchell Pensacola W. F. [West Florida]

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F Austin Esqr Province of Texas