John J. Clarke to Stephen F. Austin, 02-25-1822

Summary: Many wish to go from Mississippi to your colony. Asks for information about conditions and terms.

Pinckneyville Misse 25th Feby 1822.

Dear Sir

I avail myself of a favorable opportunity to address you a few lines of enquiry respecting the tract of Country you have made choice of in the Province of Texas.

I presume that no apology for my thus troubling you, may be necessary, as I beg to refer you to a limited acquantance some short time since at Mount Prairie in the Arkansas Territory, the renewal of which I trust may prove duly reciprocal.

I have some idea of becoming an inhabitant of your settlement by the ensuing fall, and would calculate on taking with me a few articles of Merchandise that might answer the inhabitants of that vicinity. Your advice as to what would be the most proper and the best method of transportation will be highly acceptable.

In case of shipment from New Orleans, to what point ought I to make a landing nearest your neighborhood? etc. There are many in this Country who wish to remove to your Settlement, but are detered from not having any correct information respecting its local situation, the prospects that are held out to emigrants, and the dread of having a savage foe, committing depredations on their property either before or after their arrival.

If you will give me every information in your power on these or any other subjects touching your Country, it may perhaps prove beneficial to your interest in encouraging the migration of those, who are prevented from these causes. Have the goodness to address me at this place as soon as practable. Be pleased to note what number of families have already arrived, and what are your prospects of laying off a Town on the sea bord. This latter has been much the subject of confab among the Mercantilest and I believe generally wished to take place.

I shall at any time feel gratified in acknowledging the favor of your attention to this letter, and hope I may soon have the pleasure of seeing you at your immediate residence.

JnĀ° J Clarke [Rubric]

Stephen F Austin Esqr