James Bryan to Stephen F. Austin, 03-04-1822

Summary: "A great number of families will move from this State and from other States." Business arrangements and plans.

Herculaneum March 4th 1822

Brother Stephen

Sir I have just arrived here and find Mr Andrews on the eave of departure and he is bound for the Colorado, Province of Texas and I have only time to say to you we are all in tolerable health at present, and full of anxiety to hear from you and James, we have not had any letters from you since you left Nachacdosh, I have seen Majr Calloway he is much pleased with the Country and prospects he told me that twenty Families would move from His settlement. I can assure you that a great Number of Families will move from this State, and from other States. I have no doubt that the Colony will be filed up in twelve Months I will forward you some Provisions and some other articles shortly, would off sent on by Andrews if I had been apprised of the time of his departure I am making my arrangements for to Move, in all the Month of October I expect to Start if all does well here and with you—I have enclosed to Hawkins a Note on Epedian V. B [mutilated] for $500, and requested him to make the Collection and placed it to your Credit, and I have also, sold to Thos Eads a number of Articles to the amot of $1000, make payable to you one half in six Months the other half in twelve Months payable in New Orleans, and I will make some other arrangements in your favour and will take it in Land and improvements from you in TexasMajr Callow[ay] Stated to me that there was a fine Grove of pine on the Colorado and a Bank of Stone Coal I wish you to have the best Mill Seat selected in the Colony for me, where there is good timber etc—I have made arrangements with Parmer to go on and improve it—he will Start in three Months—and I will Send a Workman with him if you can git any person that can be relied on please attend to have this selection made and a Grand [grant?] according to the merit of such an Establishment—I will make the best arrangements here I can for you and myself. I have settled with Hearst, and will with all Others before I leave—I hope these will meet you and Brother James in good health and Powell and Bartholomew and hope you are prospering in the Establishment etc please write me fully by every oppertuniiy all your relatives are in good health here Your well wisher

J Bryan [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr Colorado Provence of Texas Attention Capt Andrews