Samuel Sheares to Stephen F. Austin, 03-25-1822

Summary: Transported party of 24 or 25 to Texas in return for negro slave, Joe. Former owner now refuses to deliver him.

At Bellpass at the entrance of Bayou Lafouch

March 25th 1822

Then received of Col. Pettus a negro Boy now a my [sic] by the name of Joe, which was Contracted to me by the Said Pettus at the time and place above mentioned for his passage to this Country in Company of which was Freeman Pettus, and Mr Baileys Family, in all amounting to 24 or 5 persons—Those persons Contracted with me in New Orleans to bring them to County for $475, but when they Came on board the Vessel the[y] said they had no money, I observed they had good property and this negro Joe now in the possession of Colo. Pettus was bill of sald to me at the time and place above mentioned to defray their passage—I have call'd on Colo Pettus for my property but he refuses to give it up, I therefore wish to know in What manner I am to proceed.

Samuel Sheares [Rubric]

N B I can produce evidence that will testify to the foregoing statement.

S. Sheares [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Colo. Stephen F Austin San Felipe de Aus[tin]