Roswell Mills to Stephen F. Austin, 03-28-1822

Summary: Terms and conditions. Will not monarchy and nontoleration check American immigration?

Rushville, Ohio, March 28th 1822.

Mr. Stephen F. Austin,

Dear Sir, I have twice written you but receiving no answer presume my letters did not reach you. Chance has thrown in my way your letter to Mr. Hawkins dated at La Bahia in Sept. last.

This with the information I had previously received of Texas, induced me to wish to emigrate there and the object of my former letters has been to enquire of the country and to ascertain if a [surveyor] could have a prospect of employment in surveying which is my occupation. I have a small family and industry and honesty will be our principal property. I have now a chance as I expect of sending this by private conveyance to New Orleans. If it should meet your eye I should be glad to receive a line from you addressed to me at this place, containing such information on the foregoing topics as your information and leisure will permit.

Recently I have seen the project of Iturbide for the government of Mexico.

Will not his Monarchial Government and Non-toleration be a great check to the emigration of Americans.

Roswell Mills.