James Bryan to Stephen F. Austin, 04-15-1822

Summary: Prospects flattering. Company of a hundred in Kentucky sending agents to Texas to inspect. Reports from East. Sends goods to trade.

Hazel Run April 15th 1822

Dear Brother Stephen

I intend you shall not have cause To complain I do not write, if I have but little News of importance; we have not recd a letter from you or Brown since you both left Nachacdosh and I can assure you we are very anxious to hear from you both we do expect Mr Henry Elliott home in all this Month and will expect letters by him, as also a detailed account of the Colony Prospects etc— The prospects are yet very flattering as it respects emigrants to the Colony from all the States I have no doubt but that the Colony will be filled up in twelve Months should those that have gone to explore report favourable on their return— a company in Kentucky have agreed to send on four men to explore and if they are pleased to select Lands for said Company say one hundred Families, and I have latety heard from the Eastern States, and am informed a number of families will move to the Colony— If you have formed a good Constitution and the Government is settled I am clearly of the Opinion that no Section of Territory has ever settled so rapidly as the Texas Colony, or the Austin Colony— and I flatter myself that we shall once more be independent that is as it respects debt— I hope you have got the Grant fully confirmed— and I have heretofore in a letter requested the particular favour of having the best Mill Seat Selected for me and three miles square of Land and I will have it improved as soon as Possible, I have also before mentioned Majr Calloway stated that there was a fine Grove of pine on the Colorado River, it being some distance from Town is not an objection if on or near the Colorado, I expect Samuel M. Parmer, and Old Mr Winds and his son Wm will start with some more men I have engaged on the first of May— I shall make the necessary arrangements with them and will write you by them and let you know what they are— the Bearers are Thos V. Alley and his two Brothers all intend if they are pleased to remain in the Colony. I have given them a permit and also have told them you will give them indulgence should they need it for the payment of their Lands,, you no doubt can find there imploy of some kind to pay for their Land etc— I send a few Barrels Flour and some other articles by Thos V. Alley to you, which you will take an account of and I will probably send some more shortly— last years wheat is so bad it will not make much flour fit to eat, on the return of Mr H. Elliott should his report appear to require it, I may conclude to go on Immediately myself, and if so will bring some Whiskey, Flour, Lead and Pow[d]er etc— I will expect you to have a Building under way for my family— I am in hopes to get business Closed in this quarter shortly, a number are waiting the return of Elliott Murpheys and Bruffys reports relative to the Colony— hope this letter will meet you and Brother James, and all acquaintances in good health— we are all tolerable well, bad colds are prevalent no News here worthy of your attention

James Bryan

Our affection to Brother James We will expect him to write

P. S. We wish to start in Octr for Texas