Stephen F. Austin to Emperor Iturbide, 05-25-1822

Summary: Congratulation upon elevation to throne. His loyalty to Mexico.

Mexico, May 25, 1822.


Having become a citizen of this Empire, by the formation of a settlement of three hundred families from the United States of America in the Province of Texas, under authority from the Depu- tation in the Internal Provinces; and participating in the Sentiments of joy manifested by the nation at the recent political change, I respectfully approach his Imperial Majesty, and offer my congratulations on the happy consummation of the independence of Mexico, by the election of the hero of Iguala, the Liberator of his Country to the Imperial Throne—

I make a tender of my services, my loyalty, and my fidelity to the Constitutional Emperor of Mexico; a tender which I am ready to verify by an oath of allegiance to the Empire.

This solemn act cuts me off from all protection or dependence on my former government—my property, my prospects, my future hopes of happiness, for myself and family, and for the families I have brought with me, are centered here— This is our adopted Nation:—We look to the Sovereign Congress as the pure fountain whence those blessings are to flow which will diffuse peace, improvement, intelligence, and happiness over this new born Nation:

We raise our eyes and hearts to him, whose virtues have elevated him to the station he merited, as the Father, who is to distribute those blessings to his people with a firm, impartial, and benevolent hand—

I therefore supplicate that his Imperial Majesty will have the goodness to take the Settlement I have formed under his protection, and that we be may be received as Children of the great Mexican family.—

I have the honor of presenting Your Excellency with a Copy of my Memorial now before Congress, and also the translation of a letter from General Wilkinson, which, in addition to the fact that I am actually settled in Texas with my property and family, and to the recommendations afforded by the documents already before the Government relative to my settlement, will I hope be deemed a sufficient proof that I come to this Empire in good faith, and with a firm determination to be obedient to the established authorities of the Government, and a wish to be useful to the nation so far as I am able—

Will Your Excellency have the goodness to lay this letter and accompanying papers before his Imperial Majesty

Hoping that Your Excellency may find me deserving of your protection and Esteem.

Stephen F. Austin

To His Excellency José M. Herrera Minister of State etc.