Elijah Noble to Stephen F. Austin, 06-29-1822

Summary: Unable to get to Texas. Asks information about status of slavery, freedom of religion, and conditions of trade.

New Orleans 29th June 1822

Dear Sir

I arrived here some time since with a view to Visit your settlement in Texas unfortunately I have not been able to procure a passage and no prospect, when I would be able to get a vessel bound to your place togeather with the unfavourable season of the year has determd me to return home and to Visit your country so soon as I may here from you—I enclose you herewith 2 letters of Introduction from Henry Clay Esqr and Thos. P Hart of Lexington Kty the place of my residence also a letter from the Texas emigrating society, it would be particularly gratifying to our Society as well as my self to have a discription of your Country soil water climate timber etc, navigation—commerce, and will actual settlers be allowd to hold their Slaves in Bondage will the Settlers be allowd to worship their god agreeable to the dictates of their own minds etc, or will they be compd to acknowledge the Catholic religion as the supreme religion of the land what are the probable number of families now settled in your grant and where from what articles of Produce or Merchandize are prohibited and what articles would you advise those imigrating or visiting to bring with them— please write me on Recept of this and be assd sir that whatever information you may give me will be not only acknowledged by myself but will be greatfully acknowledged by the society.

Accept my best wishes for your health and Prosperity

Elijah Noble [Rubric]

[Addressed:] The Honl. Stephen F. Austin Austins Settlement Texas Care of Jos H Hawkins Esq