David T. W. Cook to Stephen F. Austin, 07-xx-1822

Summary: Came to Texas to see you "in behalf of myself and many others." Wants land.

San Antonio July 1822

Dr. Sir

I came on here in expectation of seeing you in behalf of Myself and many Others who have intrusted me to agree with you relative to the procuring of Land on the Brassos, and Collerado to settle on acording to the mode you have adopted with Others I have as your Brother will tell you petitioned the Government to the same affect wating to see you on your return for ten days I will be on the River Brassos 3 weeks and will be happy to either see or hear from you as soon as possible on your return at Mr Andrew Robertsons I wish a certificate if agreeable to you for Land to settle several families of good repute in the usual way your Brother will hand you this and I will refer you to him for other particulars please to address your letter if any in a sure hand to me at said Robertsons wher you would be gladly recd, by many persons you have my best wishes

David T. W. Cook [Rubric]

[ A ddressed:] Judge Stepehn F. Austin Bexar Province of Texas J E. B Austin