Arthur G. Wavell to Stephen F. Austin, 08-10-1822

Summary: General information. Warning against Mr. B. Contract for freighting wool from Texas to New Orleans, August 20, 1822. Austin and Salvador Carrasco.

10th Augt. on board L Azema Port of Veracruz

Dear Judge

Thank Heaven I am at length embarked unless the Govt. of Sn Jn dé Ulue throws some obstacle in my way which I confess I apprehend shall sail tomorrow for Bourdeaux which we calculate on reaching in about 50 days since she is a very slow sailer but there is no other My accomodations are very good the Captains Cabin, Passage money 300 Drs . . . [illegible] 160 Tons French L'Azema— Mr. B: and companion have gone by heaven only knows what route

I wish I had myself taken that I intended of Texas I should have saved time trouble and risk and seen a country which I much desire to travel through Mr Hall No. 8 Portal de Mercaderos will have delivered to you the Pistols and a letter also one enclosed for Bustte- [Bustamente?]—to whom remember me most kindly—Mr B: the C:y was I am told by a very respectable man who has known him very many years formerly partner together with one of his brothers in a Commercial house the other partner of which gave the 2 Brothers 30,000 Drs for their share in order to liberate himself from them this they shortly spent and since then have been living heaven only knows how although the house of Bainbridge & CoLondon has he states a long tale to tell against them—a Spanish Merchant also informed me detailing the occurence that Mr. B: when at Mexico lately endeavored to get into his hand Indigo worth about 20,000 Drs by stating that he had left goods at Veracruz to the amount of 74,000 Drs and had credit on a Merchant there who when applied to for his signature told them not to credit him one single dollar This I mention to you in order to put you on your guard have nothing to say to or to do with him in any way directly or indirectly— The affair at Mexico was he told me to go before the Consulado,— By the bye Mr Halls store is in the passage of 8 Portal de Mercaderos with his partner Mr. Radiche an Italian—I forgot to request you to let me know what number of people you have already in your employ and what number can be procured of what race color condition etc for what they are fit and at what wages I will write you from Bourdeaux since vessels from there sail constantly for this Country with wine although those lately arrived have made but a bad voyage—We have no news whatever

A Wavell

[Addressed] Sor. Dn Estevan F. Austin Calle de Cocheros No. 26. 29. Mexico son Yngleses