Arthur G. Wavell to Stephen F. Austin, 11-21-1822

Summary: Needs official confirmation of grant in order to do business. Great prospects.

London 21 Novr. 1822

Dear Judge

Do not for Heavens sake delay one single moment in sending me the confirmation of the grant or grants in order that I may settle our contracts on the best terms which it will be difficult to effect advantageously to ourselves whilst anything is undetermined I have broken the business to a very respectable merchant I doubt not everything will be arranged most fully to your satisfaction having arrived here only 5 days ago take care of yourself write me fully most fully and circumstantially excuse this scrawl since 100000 affairs leave me not a moment and believe me your ever sincere and affectionate friend

A Wavell

If the hopes I have reason to entertain are not blasted things shall be done on no small scale indeed very far larger than I had ever anticipated