Arthur G. Wavell to Stephen F. Austin, 12-02-1822

Summary: Need confirmation of the grant in order to do business. Price list of various commodities.

106 [Fenchurch Street] London Decr 2d 1822

Dear Judge

on the opposite side you will find the prices of the difft. articles which you desired me to let you know - Most anxiously do I await the arrival of letters from you which will I trust contain documents relative to the estate in which case if the market remains as it is at present I will immediately sell (which I can at a very good price) some thousand acres of the land and we will carry on the business without any partner unless indeed I can get some house here to do our business on condition of receiving a very small share - Unfortunately these d—d piracies have rendered Merchants very much afraid of the Gulf of Mexico and the house on which I had calcu- lated has retired from business so that I find it so very difficult to procure cash on terms such as will suit us or rather so very different from what can be done whenever I can produce documents provino that the land is ceded to us by the Govt. that although I shall not neglect to make every effort I shall accept no terms but such as I am not likely to get at present when unable to furnish a proof or even to state that when I quitted Mexico the grant was confirmed - My falling into the hands of the Pirates and long detention has played the Devil with my schemes in some respects in others I am getting on very well - I wrote you several times and via Mexico - Havana and New Orleans from Charleston S Carolina and lately via Mexico - Do not forget to send immly [immediately] a copy of the Map of Texas since the Pirates took mine also of the Estate and mark of[f] most distinctly on it the lands which I can sell describe them fully and send the original or a fully authenticated Copy of the Grant of course of the very [first] cash I can procure I shall send you all the article mentioned in the list if however I can get the price up shall I [not sell?] as much [as I can? (torn)] a tolerable price for some has lately been sold at . . . [torn] Shillings pr acre if enabled to procure by sale of land more money than we want to work the Estate and the most required would be I suppose 200,000 Dollars if so fortunate as I possibly may be what shall I do with your share of any surplus . . . [illegible] it in your name in the Bnk funds and send you the Documents or place the whole in our joint names - With regard to the Mines I am happy to say I have already forwarded proposals to the Mexn Govt such as it will doubtless unless mad adopt when I shall be enabled to furnish them with whatever cash they require - I have also in consequence of offers made me by Merchants here proposed the terms on which I will furnish the Govt with a loan of 20 Millions of Dollars - We must have a little patience and I doubt not all our affairs will go on well - I am very sorry not to be enabled immediately to send you out all you want unfortunately the want of documents has played the Devil with us for the present remove that obstacle and as I am assured our grant will prove as fine a speculation as you had ever anticipated Although only a fortnight here I have already done a great deal of business and will not [q]uit until I get through all I have to do believe me dear Judge

Your ever Most faithful friend A. G. Wavell

Mr. Exter has removed from No 5 Jeffery Square St Mary Ave to No. 106 Fenchuch Street London where direct to me indeed I am here staying with him -

[Addressed:] Stephen Fuller Austen Esqr to the care of Col J H Hawkins New Orleans pr Unicorn via New York


Value Duty. Staves—Pipe from £70 to £135 pr 1200 from £1.6.2 to £5.8.6 per 1200 according to length etc Hhds 2/3rds of the above. Barrel 1/2 Shumac 20/ pr Cwt 1s 7d pr Cwt Sarsaparilla Lisbon 4/ @ 4/6 pr lbs Honduras 1/6 to 1/8 pr lbs 1/3d pr lb Vera Cruz 1/2 to 1/8 pr pbs Pearl Ashes from 46/ to 52/ pr Cwt 11/2d pr Cwt Pot Ashes 45/ to 46/ pr Cwt 9/2d pr Cwt Columbo Root. None here—the last 2/ pr lb [sic] price was 70/ pr Cwt Sasafras, very scarce, 30V @ 35s/ @ 35s/ 6/4d pr Cwt pr Cwt Oak Bark* 8d pr Cwt * When Oak Bark shall be under £10 for the load of Hatch Bark containing 45 Cwt then no oak Bark shaU be allowed to be im- ported. Black Oak or Quercitron Bark 11/ to 15/ pr Cwt 2d pr Cwt Cannot be imported in Casks of less than 150 lbs nett Petrified wood for Hones the duty on Hones is 23s/ pr 100 Spanish Nuts The price of these articles very Walnuts uncertain indeed-sometimes 11s/ pr Bushel selling at a Profit of 15 4s/ pr Bushel percent and sometimes at a Loss of 50 pr Cent Buck Horns 5s/ pr Cwt Buffalo Horns 5s/ pr Cwt Ox Horns 5s/ pr Cwt Beeswax 12 to 14 £ per Cwt 3.6.6 pr Cwt Deer Skins (large red) 45 shillings each 4d pr skin (small) 1 sh 9 each Rice (Carolina) 33 to 36 Shs pr Cwt 15s pr Cwt