Robert Andrews to James E. B. Austin, 12-07-1822

Summary: Reports from Stephen F. Austin. Business in Saltillo. Inclosure from James Hewitson.

Saltillo December 7th 22

Dear James

I this day recd a letter from your brother dated Mexico Nov. 27th, he says that the colonization law is passed by the Junta, and that it only waits the approbation of the Emperor who is at this time in the city of Xalapa he thinks he will be able to set out in 2 or 3 weeks from the date of his letter with his business arrainged compleatly to his satisfaction, he says he has no doubt of the great anxiety and surprise, his long stay will produce among his friends and acquaintances who are unacquainted with the Mexican character, but to us who must by this time know something of them it cannot be strange—he says he will spend the hollow days of Christmas with me at this place if he can, however I write to him by this mail least he should not set out so soon

My business at this place is not profitable and what little I had made about 6 weeks ago was stolen from me, leaving me destitute of anything but the clothes which were on me, however I remain here and am making about 70 or 80 dollars a month— I understand by Mr Werzner that Mr Alley is on the Collerado, if so he will not get my letter, I wrote him concerning a trip to the U. S. with Mules etc. say to him if he is in your Town, that perhaps we may not go, however if we do we will go by St Antonio, so soon as I ascertain to a certainty I will write him, give my best respects to the governor, his lady, her sister, brother Mr Mires, Mr Splane Mr Almonty and other friends—



Dear Brown

I write you merely to congratulate you on the good news which the Doctr. has communicated to you on the preceding page, which I assure you gives me much satisfaction to hear that Mr Stephen has succeeded in obtaining his objects fully to his wishes, a circumstance which no doubt will have the effect of removing all those carking cares and anxieties which have so much annoyed your mind on account of his long delay in Mexico Cheer up my boy Bob the sun has once more appeard to illumine your darked horizon and dissipate those thick heavy clouds that have so long hung hovering over your Juvenile brow—Adios—My compts to Mr HawkinsDona. Antoa Rodg and Son Mr Iturrie and Lady and all others of my esteemed acquaintance who think well to inquire about me— You may see by this where I am and after a while I shall let you know where I shall be, so untill that period I continue uno de los creados de V. M. Q. S. M. B.

James Hewetson

[Addressed] A D.n Santiago Austin [en] la Provinc[i]a de Texas