Jose Felix Trespalacios to Stephen F. Austin, 12-15-1822

Summary: Provisions for the welfare of Texas. Wants assistance in breaking up bands of thieves stealing horses and mules in Texas and selling them in the United States.

San Antonio de Bexar December 15. 1822

Dear Sir

as soon as I arrived here as Governor of this province I endeavored to promote its welfare. I directed the inhabitants of the Colorado to appoint an alcalde of their own choice to administer justice, and organize the militia to oppose the Karankawas or other intruders who might attack their persons or their property. I provided the wants of some distant settlements who petitioned for the protection of the Government. The presence of several Indian chiefs in this place gave me the opportunity to bring to an understanding nations who had been heretofore at war. Though the plan of colonization is not yet known. I am confident it shall be drawn up upon liberal principles and will afford to industrious emigrants the advantage of a rich soil fit for every kind of crops. I expect shortly a strong reinforcement of troops and intend to visit with them the province and leave detachments at the most important points to protect the settlers and travellers. While I am waiting with anxiety the means of contributing to the final happiness of this section of the Empire I feel myself somewhat disappointed in my expectations in seeing a band of villains Spaniards and americans actually engaged in stealing mules and horses and so bring them with impunity to the United States. The existence of this set of robbers cannot be but prejudicial to the inhabitants of both countries, there fore I take the liberty to ask your opinion upon the measures which are better calculated to stop such criminal a traffic. Should you find yourself authorised to help me in obtaining this desirable object, I shall have reason to congratulate both your philanthropy and my own good fortune.—-If you have any command for this place or for any other where my credit might be of some service to you, sir, please dispose with confidence of

[José Felix Trespalacios.]