Robert Andrews to Stephen F. Austin, 03-04-1823

Summary: Mexican traits.

Saltillo March 4th 1823

Dear Austin

Anxiously and impatiently have I waited your return but at last shall have [to] go without seeing you. My business proved to be so bad here that I leave this [place] in worse circumstances than I came. I now go [to] the Acienda de los Hornos to cure the family, and shall also practice some in Parras. I am not permitted to go further on account of an order of the all wise govt but perhaps I may break the order. They may talk of 'falta buen gobierno' but that is not the complaint, all the government in the world would not make them worth the powder that it would take to blow them to Hell—that which God made for a Jack Ass can not be educated so as to make a fine Horse.

There is nothing to be hoped from this govt for a stranger be him ever so fine. I shall set out in the morning for Parras in which place I shall remain one or 2 months I shall keep up a correspondence with Dn Grigorio Montañez in Saltillo with whom I leave all the letters from your brother, and from whome you may learn something concerning me a french gentleman named Francois Michaud offered to take me home at his own expense but I would not impose on his goodness. I remain your ever sincere friend


[Addressed:] A Sr Dn Estefan F. Austin Presente