John Tumlinson to Baron de Bastrop, 03-05-1823

Summary: Local government in Austin's colony. Need of laws.

Colorado 5th March 1823

Respected Sir

Since I last wrote you, we have had a Multiplicity of business on hand which now begins pretty much to Subside and it has always been my wish to preserve peace and concord among the settlers and have as little Litigation and dispute as possible, but in all New Countries we find a few Turbulent and troublesome persons who will not appear satified with any procedure however mild and altho' I have appointed but one officer who acts in the capacity of constable to summon witnesses and bring offenders to Justice, yet a few Complain of the expence which I thought as reasonable as could be allowed for the time and trouble of so disagreeable an office, to wit at the rate of five Cents per Mile, as for my own part I have not yet made a charge for my own service and time which you know is Valuable to a man in a new country with a large family and I now only beg leave to remind you of former promise to send me some Rule whereby I may in future be for the general good and peace of society this goes by the hands of my friend Lieut Morrison a young [man] of merit who carries dispatches to the governor Genl by whom I trust you will forward me some code of laws of this province and the common usage of conducting business in Civil and Criminal prosecutions etc

I shall always be glad to receive any Communications from you and beg you to accept of my sincere wishes for your health and welfare and believe me to be

John Tumlinson

[Addressed:] Honble Baron de Bastrop St. Antonio.