Robert Andrews to James E. B. Austin, 03-08-1823

Summary: Mexican politics.

Saltillo March 8th 1823

Dear James

The mail arrived so late that I have not time to write but a few words you wish political news of which we have much at present which no doubt you will hear quite early but I will say that the day before yesterday Monterey proclaimed a Republican govt and this town assembled this morning for the same purpose and ellected a junta to treat with Mtry [Monterey] which I suppose will be done tomorrow or next day the object of the majority is to disthrone the emperor and establish the congress again, in what it may result I do not know but the people appear to have more spirit and knowledge of their right than before—

four mails have passed that I have had no letter from Stephen I recd your letter of the 17th Feby. but shall not be here to receive another for I have been packed up to start for 4 days and shall no doubt set out on Monday for Parras


[Addressed:] A. Dr Santiago Austin Bexar