Joseph H. Hawkins to Maria Austin, 03-29-1823

Summary: Austin's success. His own advances exceed $7,000.

N. O. March 29-1823

I have my dear Madame long delayed answering your last letter, partly from other considerations, but more especially from uncertainty as to the ultimate fate of our application for a confirmation of the Texas grant.

It is with infinite satisfaction I now inform you of your sons complete success not to the full extent we asked, but sufficiently so to secure I hope at least advances, and some indemnity for his labours and privations - Something that will enable him to offer that succor and comfort to a mother which will delight a virtuous bosom to render -

It may require time and much more labour to effect our object, but I now feel confident of success, and the talents fortitude and perseverance of your son, gives a sure guaranty for all that honorable effort can do.

My original contract with his father was to take half the grant and the I the benefits arising for the enterprise and advance the money necessary to the object, not to exceed however $2,500 or $3000 - My advances and disbursements, now exceed $7,000 - It is time therefore for us to have some return -

Had I had the means I should have made you a small remittance - If it will not be inconvenient, and you will forward a bill of groceries for your family use I will send them up by Mr Honey -

I expect Mr Austin here by the 1st June. Your son at St Antonio was well a few weeks ago. accept assurance of my sincere regards and wishes for yr happiness - Tho not acquainted with. I will ask to be made known to Mrs. Bryan and permit my attachment to her Brother be my passport to her esteem.

Jos. H Hawkins.