Stephen F. Austin to James E. B. Austin, 04-23-1823

Summary: Starting home. Description of Querétaro. "Fryars and clergy are at work to produce a new revolution."

City of Queretaro April 23, 1823.

Dr. Brother,

I drop you a line merely to inform you that I have at length started from Mexico with all my business finished to my complete satisfaction I started on the 18th and am 150 miles on my road- This is a very han[d]some city of about 60,000 inhabitants well built - but surrounded by poor flint hills - I shall expect letters from you in Monterey giving a minute account of everything.

The revolution is complete and the Emperor is to start in a few days for Italy all is quiet but I will not vouch for its being permanent the fryars and clergy are at work to produce a new revolution under the pretext of saving the religion -

I will write from San Luis and Monterey remember me to Dn Erasmo the Baron Governor &c


[Addressed:] A. Dn. Santiago Austin Bexar.