Hanna and Hawkins to Thomas C. Banks, 04-25-1823

Summary: Power of attorney. Commerce.

Known all Men by these presents that we John Hanna and Littleberry Hawkins jointly and severally authorise and empower and by these presents do appoint Thomas C Banks our true and lawful Attorney to receive and to hold in our names as if we were personally present certain wares and merchandise belonging to us conformably to an Invoice herewith annexed which wares and merchandise were left by us in the year past at the landing of the River Colorado and at a Camp formerly held by Jacob Jennings (deceased) and we do further authorise and empower the said Thomas C Banks to sell or make such other disposition of any wares and Merchandise that he may receive in our name as he may judge the best for our interests and that this instrument may have full force and virtue we have signed our names in presence of a Witness in this twenty fifth day of April in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred an[d] twenty three

Made and done in the district of the Brasos in the Province of Texas in the day and year afforesaid

Attest Hanna and Hawkins



E Eccleston [Rubric]

I do hereby authorise and appoint Stephen F. Austin to receive, take possession of, and sell all the property mentioned in the within power of Attorney, and also to take all other measures relative thereto, or any other interest of Hanna and Hawkins which I am authorized by the said power of Attorney to perform

Bexar July 23, 1823.

Witness Thos C. Banks

Articles of Property at the Landing on the Colorado suposed to be L. Hawkins and taken possession of by S. F. Austin [about October, 1823]

1- Broad Axe 1- Ship Carpenters do 1- Adse 3- Froes 2- Froes 1 sold to McOrmic @ 50 cts Lb 1- Hoe 1- Blacksmiths hamer 1- Stone Do 1- do Sledge 5- Iron wedges 3- Plough molds 1- Chopping axe 1 taken up and 1 in Morissons possession 1- fore Plane 1- Jack do 1- Smoothing do 1- Carpenters hammer 3- Bars Lead 1- Bar lead 1- 3/4 of a bar sold to Parker @ 12 1/2 pound. 1- 1/4 of a Bar 1- 7 quarter auger 1- 6 - do - do 1- 3 do - do 1- Inch Morticing chisel 1- 1/2 In - do - do 2 " weights - 7 and 14 1- Franklin Stove 2- Andirons-

Those mard. [following list] are taken up the River by S. F. A, and the balance are hid at the landing.

2 Setts Plough Irons supposed to belong to Bowman etc. 1- Sett streachers-

About 75 lbs of nails estimated, supposed to belong to Clopper— and 2 steel traps

1 Pattent Plough. Said to be sold to James Cummings by Hanna.

1- Stone Claimd by Kincheloe

1. oven cracked 1. Oven claimed by Nelson 1. Stew kettle sd to be claimd. by Kincheloe

1 Grind Stone supposed to be S. F. Austins- [Endorsed] Memo. of Articles found at Mouth of Colorado and destroyd afterwards by Indians