Robert Andrews to Stephen F. Austin, 05-09-1823

Summary: Surveying in Texas. Practice of medicine in Coahuila.

Parras May 9th 1823

Dear Friend Austin

I am told that public papers contain something concerning the colonization but as I have not seen them I know not what it is, I hope they have dispatched you advantagiously, the fact I shall know on seeing the papers which I will look for today there no doubt is much news in Mexico at this time but I get none of it in this domestic vilage, and shall wait the answer here but if you choose to answer this direct it to Durango, at which place I expect to arrive in the month of June, I am anxious to know what your intentions are, and what prospects you may have before you, how Fields came out with his pretensions—and also some of the particulars respecting those countrymen Embasadors and consels where they will reside, that is in which of the ports the several consels will reside and what are their names if they have bro't their families etc.

Do me the favour to inform me what may be your opinion of my prospects for the office of Surveyor for Texas I have made my application thro Doctr Ramos de Arispe who is a gentleman of much talent, but what his influence may be I cannot say—I am yet poor I bearly live decently by my profession but hope to do better in Durango and very probably shall go to Texas to settle in the winter if I should not get the office I solicit, by keeping up a correspondence I hope we will meet again in this world by this mail I write my friend Ximenes del Rio who is in Mexico, and who you will have known I hope before the rect. of this.

Andrews [Rubric]

[addressed:] Al Sr Dn Estevan F Austin, Anglo-Americano Bexar Mexico