Robert Andrews to Stephen F. Austin, 05-16-1823

Summary: Surveying. Mexican characteristics.

Parras May 16th 1823

Dear Friend Austin,

After I closed the answer to your favour of the 8th Inst. I recd that of the 11th—since the date of my first times are a little changed, having an opportunity of company I have determined to set out tomorrow evening for Durango therefore if you write me from Monty- you may direct your letter to that place from which I will also write you on my arival—In the inclosed you will see my intentions, which however, may change with a change of circumstances but if I should not find it extremely necessary to take a trip by sea in the fall for my health and can possibly obtain the necessary capital, I shall prefer my establishment in Texas to all others, as being that which whilst best calculated to procure me a comfortable living may tend to promote your designs and interest in the colonization of your district, and place me in a situation to give you some proofs of my gratitude for your friendly disposition, as respects the surveying if the Baron de Bastrop will give me a liberal part, (if all is under his controle) I will take upon myself all the active operations of that office, which I will execute in the nicest manner leaving to him the recording alone and in order to be eligible I will apply to congress for a letter of citizenship, under the pretext of erecting machinery, promoting agriculture and manufacturies—I wish you to say frankly in your letter if you think a tribe of these sodomites will be of service or injury to your settlement for this must always be in the bargain, if they go they must be allowed to steel a little so as not to get out of practice

Andrews [Rubric]

May 17th I have concluded to remain here until June therefore if you write from Mty. direct it here

[Addressed:] A Sr. Dn Estevan Austin Anglo Americano Monterrey,