Stephen F. Austin to Baron de Bastrop, 05-17-1823

Summary: Announcing arrival at Monterey.

[May 17, 1823.]

Dear Sir

I have at length the happiness to inform you of my safe arrival at this place, and that my business is satisfactorily arranged. The Depn [Deputation] and Com Genl have the best disposition in my favor, and will render me all the support and aid necessary to carry into speedy execution the orders of the Govr . . . [illegible] and supreme government of Mexico in relation to the settlement, and aided by a similar disposition in my favor on the part of the Authorities of the P. of Texas, I hope to see the new Colony in a flourishing state in a short time, and that our united exertions will result in the Genl advancement and improvement of the Province of Texas, and the consequent individual advantages of each of its inhabitants—I have written an official letter to Junta Govt informing them of my arrival at this place as my business is of a public nature and of general interest to the whole P. I deemed my duty to communicate with the Junta and also to inform them of my subjection to their commands. You know that in English there are but few formalities relative to "Tratamiento"—in translating the letter there, I wish you would have the goodness to insert that which is and in adapt