Robert Leftwich to Stephen F. Austin, 05-20-1823

Summary: Politics in Mexico City. Congress.

City of Mexico 20th May 1823.

Dear friend

I have just received a letter addressed to you and presuming it probable, that it may be of some importance to you, as to some friend of yours, who wrote it, I have thought proper to enclose it to you at Monteray. There being so little time, between receiving it, and the departure of the mail, prevents me from entering into detail of the passing events at this place, since your departure which must be the subject of a subsequent letter.

I will, however, inform you, that nothing of material consequence, has been done in congress since you left here, the subject of calling a new congress has occupied, the whole of their time, nor have they as yet decided that question, tho, it appears to be the general opinion that the present congress will decide in favour of convoking a new one. Guadalaxara has declared that unless a new congress is elected that there will be a separation of that province, that they will declare it, a free and independent Govt having determined not to obey the present congress.

Reports says that Vera Cruz and Puebla are of the like sentiments.

What will the people of the United States say of your Mexican Congress, the Emperor refused to have them, and now their constituents have refused them under those circumstances, who beside the devil will have them.

My business is before them, but when they will decide on it is uncertain. Your friend [J. B.] Arispe is giving me all the aid in his power.

An other revolution is strongly spoken of as being on the eve of taken place the . . . [sic] and Uropean . . . [sic] against the republicans.

As usual great alarm has been excited among some of the foreigners, who they are you will know without giving their names.

Since they intend making revolutions a trafic I say success to trade.

I have the pleasure to inform you that I am enjoying good health and shoud it continue, I think it more than probable, that I shall return through the interior in company with our mutual friend Arispe, who is anxious for me to do so.

Health and happiness attend you is the wish of Yours sincerely

Robert Leftwich.

[Addressed:] Al Sr. Dn Estevan F. Austin Monterey Prova de New Leon

[On cover:] Since closing this letter I am informed that Congress have to night decided on a new Congress