Arthur G. Wavell to Stephen F. Austin, 05-22-1823

Summary: Speculations in London awaiting confirmation of Austin's grant.


London May 22nd. 1823

Dear Austin

As I have so constantly informed you in my former letters the very moment you forwarded to me the document confirming your grant I could effect the contract you desired not having yet received it I am unable to embrace until your answer arrives a proposal made me by one of the largest and richest houses in this City to furnish 20,000 £ (say 100,000 Dollars) for one half the concern on the conditions pro-posed in the contract you gave me consequently the very moment you receive this send me the Law or other Document substantiating your claim together with a regularly legalized Document for forming a Company on those conditions all regularly authenticated and include your own name leaving blanks for four others which I shall insert here, to avoid any misconception you and I retain half the concern the Company advances 20 thousand Pounds of which goods to the amount of 10,000 £ will be shipped off the very moment I receive the Documents and the remaining 10,000 £ as soon as you wish afterwards The land and cash to form one joint concern for the benefit of the whole Company in the proportion of half for us two the remainder for the other partners They are immensely rich and will spare neither expense nor trouble to advance your views cash to any amount will be forthcoming if requisite and it can be advantageously employed—An agent to reside with you in Texas will accompany the goods write me most fully and forward a map of the Province in short every Paper which can be of any importance relative to the concern by which we will ere long realize immense fortunes

A G Wavell

I now write you by way of Veracruz New York and New Orleans in order that no time may be lost. If you did not receive everything you desired three months after my arrival in this Country you must blame only yourself for neglecting to write and forward to me the requisite Papers by every conveyance—Write to me now via New Orleans and New York as the most safe, and expeditious mode I have only recd one letter from you since my arrival in England and that dated Mexico 22nd August 1822 Add whatever land you have obtained for me to the general stock of the Company My other affair goes on well and I trust I shall ere long be enabled to convey to you agreeable intelligence on that score also.

The bills drawn by Barry have all been protested

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr. to the care of J. H. Hawkins Esqr. New Orleans To be forwarded immediately Pr Panther