James E. B. Austin to Stephen F. Austin, 05-25-1823

Summary: Concerning a business transaction of Gov. Trespalacios. Good crops. Commerce.

Bexar May 25th 1823

Dear Brother,

I have written you two letters this mail one directed to Saltillo and the other to Monterey; the object of this is to inform you of some business that if you can attend to will save some trouble to the party concerned.

Last summer Dn Victor Blanco of the City of Monclova, went on to New Orleans with his brother in law Dn Ramon Musquis of this place (with whom you are acquainted) also Dn Franco. Madero of Monclova, after making a purchase of the Goods Musquis and Madero returned by water in the sloop only Son then owned by J. H. Hawkins. After their arrival in [this] place Madero not being able to raise money to discharge his part of the Freight (about 450 dollars) gave his note with Dn Jose Felix Trespalacios as security payable in sixty days, after some months had expired L Hawkins the Agent of his Brother and in whose favor the note was drawn, called on Trespalacios for the money; he observed that Madero had not sent on funds to discharge it, and he was not then in a capacity to do so. The business rested so untill L. Hawkins's departure; Shortly after, Mr Philip Dimett an agent and partner presented the note to Trespalacios a second time, he observed that Madero was bound to pay the note, and that he had not sent on funds to do so. he also stated that he was about to start for Monclova and would see Madero and convince him that it was not equitable that he [Trespalacios] should pay it. Mr D. forwarded the note on by Dn Alexdro Treviño to Dn Victor Blanco for collection, you may want some money and if you could attend to the business Dimitt wishes you to do so, the money is for J. H. HawkinsDimitt will direct Dn Victor to deliver the money to you if it should be collected, also a note for 30 dollars for Tin Hawkins sold Madero which is collected— You had better see Trespalacios on the subject of the 450. The Doctor is in Montclova and may give you some information on the subject I sent a note (for $20 I held against an officer attached to the Durango troops) to the Doctor to ascertain if it could be collected there being more communication between his town and Durango than between this the Doctor is my most intimate friend, try and get him to purchase the note at a discount if there is no other method of procuring money for it.

No news; the settlers are in high spirits at the thoughts of getting lands soon, the season has been remarkably fine so far and if it continues (which it bids fair to do) they will all raise more corn than they will know what to do with. No news from home since Bruffy came out, you have a great number of letters, which I have read— principally desiring to know something of the P. of Texas.

Santiago Austin [Rubric]

Do not forget the Saddle Galápago and White Wool hat for the Sun