Stephen F. Austin to Colonel Charles Caldwell, 07-17-1823

Summary: Advantages of settling in Austin's colony. Federal system. Good crops. Character of settlers.

Bexar July 17 1823

Dr. Sir,

I regret very much I was absent when you visited the Province, but anticipate the pleasure of seeing you here this fall— My business is all happily terminated and I shall immediately commence distributing the land— Owing to the difficulty of making a beginning when I first embarked in this enterprise, I was compeled to admit some who would have been rejected under different circumstances—but that difficulty no longer exists—large crops will be made this year on both the Colorado and Brazos-— My grant is approved by the Sovereign Congress and Supreme Executive power since the fall of Iturbide—The smallest quantity of land which a family that farms and raises stock, both, will receive is one league square or five thousands yards square—the cost will be 12 1/2 cents pr- acre—

You have seen the country, and know whether it will suit you or not you also know whether it would be for your interest, in case you remove, to settle under my grant, or apply for a seperate one from the Government— All I have to say therefore is that if you join me, you may rely on the greatest privileges in my power to grant. In conjunction with the commissioner, I have full power to increase the quantity of land to more than a league for a family, in case it should be necessary to accommodate a large family— You will perceive by the enclosed that the number for Brazos and Colorado settlement is limited, the balance must settle on the Guadalupe and St. Marcos and near this place etc. etc.—so say the Govt-

When I left Mexico no other grants had been made, nor could be for some time to come, for the Colonization law was repealed in toto on the 10 of April except as refers to me, and when a new law will pass is uncertain— the present congress have called a new one, the election is to be on the 2d of August and Congress is to meet the middle of October next— The majority of the Provinces have pro- claimed the Federal Republic System, and there is now no longer a doubt that this govt. will be moddled after that of the United States— This Province under the Federal System presents the most brilliant prospects for the future. I repeat, that anything in my power to do, to induce you and your friends to form a part of the Colorado or Brazos settlement shall be done with pleasure.

[Autograph letter by Austin. Signature clipped off.]

P. S. The regulations relative to the Govt. of the settlement are provisional untill it is established and organized, the same system will then be established that governs all other parts of the country—. Should you and your friend wish to form a seperate settlement you could easily do so on the Guadalupe under the grant made to me, for no specified limits are designated.

[Addressed:] Col Charles Caldwell