Stephen F. Austin to Unknown, 07-28-1823

Summary: Judicial procedure.

Received a mule, Alasan, marked in this way [the brand is imitated here] which is claimed by Moses Morrison of the Colorado, Said mule is also claimed by G. B. Trizzine in behalf of Sylvestre Poissot an inhabitant of Bayou Pierre Now be it known that I receive said mule in deposit untill it is legally decided by the Competant tribunal who is the legal owner, and I obligate myself to hold the said mule or fifty Dollars in money subject to the Judgement of the tribunal that finally decides the case. It is also understood that in case said mule dies a natural death I will be exonerated from the above responsibility on producing the piece of skin with the mark to the Alcalde who has jurisdiction of the case.

Bexar July 28,1823

[Stephen F. Austin.]

This dispute was tryed on the 28 of July before Dn. Miguel Arciniega Judge and Erasmo Seguin and Jose Antonio Navarro referrees who decided that security should be given for the forthcoming of the mule or $50 in money when the case was finally decided and should remain in the hands of S. F. Austin in deposit, and that the parties should exhibit their testimony in writing as soon as possible.

[Endorsed:] Bond given for Morrison's mule.