Moses Morrison to Robert Kuykendall, 08-03-1823

Summary: Karankaway Indians.

Camp Rascal August the 3d. 1823.

I this morning start an express to you informing you that we have discovered a party of Caroncowas at the bay we have no powder and does not feel our selves altogether safe to attack them in our present fix, if you would come down and join us with a party of your men immediately I think we would be able to give them a good drubbing and clear them out from our Coast as soon as our powder comes on we shall go and spye them out and know where their place of Resorts is so that if you come down with a party you need not be detained long—for particulars enquire of the berer of this dispatch.

x Moses Morrison

[Addressed:] Capt. Robt. Kuikendall pleasant farm