Bastrop to Colonists, 08-04-1823

Summary: Proclamation of Austin's authority. Inclosure: Austin's order to a militia commandant to take possession of certain property and to reconnoiter the Colorado.

Castlemans on the Colorado River

Augt 4 1823

The Govr. of this Province Dn Luciana Garcia has appointed me a commissioner to carry into effect the grant made by the supreme Govt of Mexico to S. F. A. and has ordered me to inform the inhabitants of the Colorado and Brassos that the superior Govt. has appointed Mr Austin a Lieut Col. of Militia and also that he has full powers to administer justice and preserve good order in the colony untill it can be regularly organized agreeably to the constitution and laws of the nation. The Govr. therefore commands jou to recognize Mr. A as invested with the above powers and that you cause the men under your command to do the same. Obeying his orders in all things relative to the good order prosperity and defense of his settlement, and the service of the nation. You will therefore without delay communicate this order to the men under your command and to the inhabitants in your neighborhood

El Baron de Bastrop

Enclosed you will receive an order from the Baron de Bastrop the commissioner of the Govt. directing you and the men under your command to recognize me as your commander, you will therefore in the future make all your official returns, reports or other communications to me.

I shall leave here in a few days for the Bay you will therefore keep your station at that place untill further orders.

You will without delay collect the tobacco and all other articles left by Hawkins or Hanna and take the necessary measures to pre- serve them until my arrival you will also collect all the information in your power relative to the situation of the river at its mouth and for fifty mites-up—how many rafts are there and their distentions—how many branches or channels does the river divide into and their size, highth of banks, whether timbered or prairie, whether subject to overflow depth of water, and distance from the Bay to the place where they separate from the river— And any other information possible calculated to give a full and correct knowledge of that part of the river and adjoining coast.