Stephen F. Austin to Colonists, 08-05-1823

Summary: Increase of standing military force at his own expense.

[August 5, 1823 ?]

Since the commencement of this Colony no labor or expence has been spared on my part towards its organization benefit and security— And I shall always be ready and willing to risk my health, my property or my life for the common advantage of those who have embarked with me in this enterprise. As a proof of the reality of this declaration I have determined to augment at my own private expence the company of men which was raised by order of the late Govr. Trespalacios for the defence of the Colony against hostile Indians. I therefore by these presents give public notice that I will employ ten men in addition to those employed by the Govert. to act as rangers for the common defence. The said ten men will form a part of Lieut, Moses Morrisons Company and the whole will be subject to my orders.

The wages I will give the said ten men is fifteen Dollars a month payable in property, they finding themselves— Those who wish to be employed will apply to me without delay